Valuable Materials Used to Make Jewellery

Jewellery is made from different materials. Some of them are natural and some are artificially made. However even if we do not realize it many of the things we wear are made from valuable and expensive materials.

When we wear our gold necklaces and platinum wedding bands, we understand the value of what we are wearing because of its name, but there are yet so many materials that are so underrated. Extracting them are not easy and it’s the rarity that make any type of jewellery made from them unique and valuable. Therefore, here is a list of the different valuable materials jewellery is made from.


Many of us are already aware that silver is a precious metal. It is not considered as expensive as gold but is still known because of its value. Silver jewellery is extremely common. Many prefer silver to gold as it is sometimes more versatile and elegant. Some of the key factors that make silver a desirable metal to work with is how soft metal is compared to gold, as it can be moulded easily.

It can also be polished to gain a sheen and is more reflective hence pops more in the sun or a mirror. It can be used for anything ranging from a bracelet to a cuff link. However, there is a reason it is not as valuable as gold, it is prone to scratches and can fade or loose lustre with daily wear and tear.


Titanium is even more expensive than platinum just for the strength of the metal. Due to it being scratch resistant, does not fade and extremely long-lasting jewellery made from it is almost indestructible. However, it does have its drawbacks too. Titanium is very difficult to mould and has to be mixed with other metals hence why it is expensive as well. Once made it is almost impossible to resize so if you are getting a ring made you might want to double check.


Diamonds are said to be a women’s best friend and honestly, we cannot completely disagree. The cut of a diamond is where its price comes from. The extraction itself is very costly so once its cut, polished and made into jewellery it almost doubles in value. Diamonds are a one-piece jewellery meaning just one piece with diamond stones are enough to let you stand out.


We all know pearls are extracted from oysters, but are we aware if just how hard that is? Pearl jewellery is extremely valuable too. Pearls can be worn as earrings, cotton ball pearl necklaces or even as bracelets. It is a dainty and elegant form of jewellery and exerts purity and class.


Did you know glass is used to make jewellery too? It may not be very commonly seen but in fact exists. The glass used for jewellery however is better treated with additional layers to make it stronger. Heat is used to shape the glass into beautiful desirable pieces of jewellery.