Video Advertising and its Benefits

Video is one of the most important forms of content that we have available in the modern day. The advantage of video is that they are just incredibly addictive and more-ish to watch. When a good video advertisement is made, the business responsible will likely benefit greatly because of it. Due to the highly shareable and volatile nature of the internet, videos often go “viral” and garner a lot of attention locally and sometimes internationally.

If you’re a PR exec or a marketer trying to figure out if incorporating video into your marketing mix is a good idea, I will say without even knowing your situation at all that it is a good idea. Why? Don’t you need some kind of crazy big production in order to make a video? Maybe once yes, but certainly not anymore. Sometimes a smartphone camera and some clever editing is all you need to make a killer video. If you’re interested in making yourself a video, you might feel a bit intimidated, especially if it’s your first time. If you want some professionals to take care of it while you just give directions, we highly recommend that you speak to video advertising agency Brisbane. The agency is very good at what they do and will undoubtedly help you take your business all the way to the top.

So, what are some of the main reasons why you should be making more video, and basically churning out content? Well, your customers are watching. Instagram stories and Facebook video for the most part have replaced TV. And your consumers are on it for the better part of say 3 to 4 hours a day on average. On YouTube, an average of around 4 billion videos were watched every day. Yes, it’s a huge market that you can tap into. All you need is to have a good idea and a good editor.

Another reason for making a video ad is because video ads traditionally perform better than static posts. This is because video is vastly more engaging to experience than a static post is. You don’t engage with a static post the way you do with a video. And as a result, people tend to share interesting videos.

Video ads are also very popular among mobile users. Increasing numbers of people watch videos every single day and because of their ability to showcase both visual and audio elements are fantastic at teaching things to people. Videos are fantastic educational tools, and they also work very well when used as a product demonstration and in how-to guides. They end to convey huge amounts of information in very little time so you can learn more, faster as opposed to say reading from a book. This means that the video does one important thing very well. It tells your story. What is it that you or your company represent? what moves you and what kind of people do you want to buy your product? A well-made video ad will answer all of those questions.