Tips for Customizing Your Wedding Dance Floor

The wedding dance floor is an important element when it comes to décor as this is where everyone will gather to socialise, dance and create lasting memories. You can rent a dance floor if you don’t want to use what the venue has and this will allow you to customise it according to your preferences.

You can look into Ivory Heart dance floor hire if you are interested in creating a stunningelement at the event venue that everyone will get to enjoy. You need to first consider the material and design of the dance floor. Some popular options you will come across are marble, vinyl, wood and mirrored surfaces. Each material will have a different aesthetic so you have to decide what suits your wedding décor and theme the best. For a modern or glamorous touch, you can look for a LED or mirrored floor. A vintage or rustic theme will be complemented by a wooden dance floor.  You can add personalised graphics to make the dance floor unique. You can incorporate names, monograms, wedding dates or custom logos as per what the rental company says. You can work with a designer to create graphics that match the décor of your wedding and the overall aesthetic. The visual appeal can be enhanced with personalised graphics and this can also add to stunning photographs.

Custom colours can be used for the dance floor

So that it complements your wedding colour palette. There are custom colour options provided by many rental companies so that you can choose a shade that will align with your colour. You can choose a soft and romantic colour or a vibrant hue. The dance floor can then be tied to the overall design of the event this way. There are lighting effects to transform the look of the dance floor. You can add uplighting, LED lighting or spotlights so that a dynamic atmosphere can be created. LED dance floors are quite popular as they can change colours and display patterns that sync with the music. You can use soft warm lighting for a romantic ambience. The dance floor can also be energised with vibrant and dynamic lighting which can invite guests to come take part in the fun.

A themed dance floor can be created if you have a specific wedding theme.

For example, if you have a beach theme, the dance floor can be designed to look like waves or sand. For a vintage wedding, a black and white checkerboard dance floor can be created so that it will give an impression of classic ballrooms. Having a themed dance floor will improve the overall experience of the guests and the event ambience. Decorative borders can be used for the dance floor so that you can create a polished look. You can use LED strips, floral garlands or fabric drapes. This will help define the space and improve safety as well because the perimeter of the dance floor can be clearly indicated.